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Developing Mobile Apps For Business Processes

In 2020 alone, the mobile industry generated more than 1 trillion dollars globally. This sector allows companies to make good business decisions and make the operation transparent. Does your brand want to continue investing in the mobile sector in 2023? Maybe you should know the trends to follow:

Android is still the mobile operating system leader

Google’s operating system is still the fastest-growing, compared to its rival iOS. In 2022, three times more apps were created on the platform than those developed for its Apple counterpart. This is much clearer in the gaming ecosystem, where there are four times more new proposals in the Play Store than in its competitor. The apple brand only dominates in Utilities.

There are five categories of universal appeal

If your brand wants to develop an app and plans to reach as many people as possible, it is important to know which categories are equally popular on Android and iOS. Games are the most downloaded type of program on smartphones, although Google’s operating system has a very clear advantage. However, in topics such as Finance, Health and wellness, Travel and Sports, the downloads in the Play Store and the App Store are almost identical.

iOS is the platform to generate money on mobile apps

Perhaps Android solutions are more numerous and generally more downloaded by users. However, the goose that lays golden eggs is still Apple’s operating system. In 2019, although Android is vastly larger, most of the revenue comes from the App Store. There are three categories that stand out in terms of collection: Entertainment, Videogames (almost the same on both platforms), and Social.

The shared economy is still popular

When companies like Uber and Airbnb took on enormous relevance in 2017, this segment of the mobile industry grew like foam. It is expected that the download figure will continue to rise in 2023. So if a brand wants to debut in the mobile environment, it could bet on a business model that relies on this type of commercial offer to grow.

Google and Facebook still dominate mobile marketing

Again, with no surprise to anyone, the two largest advertising companies worldwide are accounting for the bulk of mobile advertiser spending. They both occupy virtually equal parts of the industry, about a third each, with Mark Zuckerberg’s company a bit ahead. However, the programmatic technique could be a major rival, as it now has an enviable 12 percent of the pie.

It is easier to convince for a subscription than of a mobile purchase

Interestingly, people are less and less willing to make purchases within mobile apps. For 2018, the action that generated the most interaction among users, with a 7.2 percent rate, was the direct purchase of the programs in the Play Store and the App Store. However, by 2023 it is expected to drop to 2.3 percent, just above the rate for in-app acquisitions. Subscriptions, on the other hand, will rise to 4.8.

Advantages of integrating business apps for your business

Technology and electronics are making inroads in our lives by leaps and bounds to such an extent that we can no longer conceive of our day-to-day life without gadgets, connections, and so on, even at work. And this is not a negative thing. Business apps are all positive things.

The advantages of integrating business apps for your business are many and varied, allowing you to improve and be efficient in all aspects.

Why integrate a business app into your business?

Surely this question has been in your head for a long time, that’s why you are reading this post. If so, perfect, because what we are going to tell you is just that, the advantages of integrating business apps for your business.

Immediate management

immediate management

The usual thing, at least in quality business management apps, is that they allow you to have remote and immediate control of the tasks that are your responsibility.

Improves coordination

Having all the information on products or services, clients, and work teams means that all tasks can be coordinated effectively, improving productivity by optimizing all processes.

Tracking of processes

tracking of processes

As head or section manager, you can do complete and real-time monitoring of the activity of your workers, making sure that everything is carried out in the most correct and effective way. This is one of the best advantages of integrating business apps for your business without a doubt.

Management improvement

Many of the steps taken in the app development companies can be carried out more efficiently from the app. For example, security, data privacy, expenses, and all accounting processes.

The news

This implies that any novelty is reflected instantly. Therefore, we are also aware of incidents and can resolve them as soon as possible.

Automation of processes

Surely there are some processes in your application development company that can be automated thanks to the use of an application.

In this way, you are saving time, energy, and money, in addition to being able to offer that time to a worker to take a break or simply get on with another task that requires their abilities and skills. This is a great advantage of the integration of apps business for your business.

New functions

The sector increases and improves significantly every day, creating more and more very useful functionalities that may or may not be included in the company’s application you choose for your business.

Similarly, the services offered are also improved, helping you from the mobile application to deal with the client, take notes, perform analysis and create statistics, etc.

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