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Why You Should Consider Developing An IOS App

For app development companies, there are a lot of questions that they get from their clients. Which operating system should you choose for development? This is probably the first question, followed by the question “How much does developing an app cost?”. However, this article focuses solely on the question of which operating system to choose. We help you to understand what really matters and which factors should be considered for your decision.

What is iOS?

Of course, most of us have already heard of iOS, because in our society almost everyone has already bought a smartphone and then faced the question of which cell phone or operating system to choose. The decision is clear for some, but not for others. But what exactly are iOS?

– iOS is a mobile operating system developed by Apple that was only developed for the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch and is only compatible with these devices.

– iOS is short for Internetwork Operating System

– The iOS emerged from the operating system of the Macintosh computers, the Mac OSX.

– Steve Jobs introduced the operating system in January 2007 as “Mac OS on iPhone”.

– The software for mobile devices has been officially called iOS since June 2012

– The iOS app store is also part of the iOS universe, with more than 5 million apps published to date

What Are the Advantages of iOS?

what are the advantages of ios

The Apple operating system has several advantages. Of course, these affect the decision-making process as to whether an app should be developed for iOS or not. Here is an overview of the key benefits of iOS:

– Apps are easier to adapt to the hardware and new functions can be provided more quickly due to the smaller variety of devices from Apple.

– Users have already saved credit card data in the app store, so the inhibition threshold for a purchase is lower.

– Despite a smaller installation base, the iOS App Store generates almost twice as much revenue as the Google Play Store.

– High security factor of the app store for the end user.

– With iOS, hardware and software come from a single source and therefore harmonize perfectly.

– Apps are particularly easy to use thanks to uniform guidelines from Apple.

– Long support for software updates for Apple devices.

Development of iOS Apps

After you have decided to develop an app and the selection of the operating system is complete, you can start programming.

But wait, how exactly does it work?

After you have contacted the app developer, a personal meeting will be arranged to9 clarify basic questions, get to know you and give you detailed advice.After this meeting, the app developers will first create a design with you so that you can get a first impression of the app. It is only on this basis that they create a truly binding offer.

The further process of coding iOS apps doesn’t really differ from the other platforms. The most important thing is that the application development company use specialized iPhone app developers for the development of iOS applications,

Tips to create an excellent iOS app

tips to create an excellent ios app

When developing apps, the choice of operating system is a strategic rather than a cost issue. The process during development is similar for different devices. The developers or the app agency will definitely advise you on your projects. Android is a bit more complex for applications, but market coverage is now much higher or still. If you want your applications to run on as many mobile devices as possible, start with Android. If you want to develop the components of your native applications step by step and want to try out a lot, start with iOS. Adjustments in the UX / UI design are also easier here, since there are not very many devices under iOS where something can go wrong. In any case, get advice from specialists.

Independently of, whether it is a native or hybrid application does not matter when choosing the operating system. The backend is completely independent of this decision and the framework also only plays a role here if you later decide to offer iOS and Android. But as I said, a reasonably good developer will give you the right advice on your mobile project. By the way, pay attention to a sensible UI / UX design.

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