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Top Educational Mobile App Ideas To Enhance The Education System

If we look back at the time, we have advanced way too much. Starting from attending schools and universities seating in the classrooms without fail and keeping our books open to note down everything the faculties teach us to attend lectures seating in the metro (or some more comfortable place) through a laptop screen and recording classes so as not to miss anything faculties teaches or even do throughout the lectures.

These innovations have surely helped the students, faculties, schools and universities with growth and development. It’s more like no matter which course we want to learn or new language we want to try our hands on are just some clicks away. Mobile app development is making them more handy allowing the users to minimize the requirement lists to mobile phones with a steady internet connection.

P.S. Offline mode functionality won’t even ask for a steady internet connection.

If we browse through the google play store or apple app store, we will find millions of educational mobile applications that we can use in our daily life. Even though various educational mobile app ideas can bring change at least in your world. Let’s explore some of them.

Top Educational Mobile App Ideas

1) School Management Mobile Application

No matter how much we used to hate our dean or school principal; we can agree on one thing: managing the entire school, university or even just one department demands effort and management skills like no other. Nowadays universities and even colleges use various web-based platforms to perform administrative tasks.

Mobile applications that can help every concerned person for school or university management can work as a miracle if implemented right. You can offer different types of user profiles with limited app access functionality for students, faculties, administrators, and the head of the institute. You can manage the classes, results, fees, attendance, student performance tracking and various other things along with personal chat functionality offering smooth communication.

2) Communicative Social Media Application

Various students all around the world travel to different places for better education. Whether it could be in the same country or in another country; students tend to feel alone or struggle to find a way to get along with the new atmosphere. No wonder there are multiple channels that connect these newcomers with each other and discuss their queries with each other. But there are hardly any mobile apps available that are developed for this purpose only.

You can come with an educational app development idea that allows the users to connect with each who wishes to shift to particular locations. Along with connecting the newcomers, it should allow them to connect with older students as well, who can help them, guide them or share a piece of wisdom. You can even enhance the features and functionality allowing them to apply in different colleges or institutes through the mobile app itself or make them more enhanced as a travel guide in the second phase of the mobile app development.

3) Self-Learning Mobile Application

Not many students get a chance to get tutors or some of them avoid getting personal tutors. A self-learning mobile application can help almost every student out there. Whether it could be their regular school learning or special or just social skill enhancement or just wanting to learn a new language. Various mobile app development companies might suggest language learning mobile app development just like Duolingo. Along with having a competitor as strong as Duolingo, you will limit your target audience. You can hire app developers that can help you to create a self-learning mobile application will allow you to target primary school students to employees who want to enhance their skills.

4) Audio Book Reading Mobile Application

Do you get the time to read out books whenever you want? You might not get that much time to spare. But you might get time to listen to a book while getting all the other things done such as cleaning your room or driving for example. You can develop a mobile application that allows the users to listen to the book rather than sticking to the physical book or laptop screen. You might say we do have a similar mobile application available: Kindle. Well, you are not entirely wrong but along with targeting all the other books, you can allow the students to browse through their educational books and listen to them to prepare for their upcoming exams or just revise.

As you won’t be able to cover all the books available around the globe, you can allow them to scan their handwritten books or add in the pdf books that they can access through the mobile application. As far as the app monetization method is concerned, you can keep some of the special features limited to the premium users or limit the book access for the free users.

5) Note Keeping Mobile Application

We do have notes mobile apps for easy access but when it comes to keeping the notes in a more remembering way, we lack the proficient note-keeping mobile app. It should allow the users to add on the pinpoint along with the small concluding point that gives them a chance to add in the details as sub-points to remember what the entire topic is. Along with that, you can allow them to add pictures and voice notes at whatever point they want. You can even allow them to add in doodles that they can draw to remember the stuff the way they want along with some sticky notes and a note interconnection facility to keep the references within reach. Working together with our education app developers can help you facilitate the note-keeping mobile app that can be more than just notes but less than documents.


Being an education app development company, these are the ideas we can think of. We might have missed one that you have. Would you like to share it with us? Reach out to Muru Technologies an app development company. Let’s discuss your educational mobile application.

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